Chikuma River and Obsidian - the Birth of Sosei Water

Chikuma River in Nagano prefecture runs in the upper part of the longest river in Japan. The water of the river is so-called the “foundation” of the circles of life that springs for numerous plants and animals.

The volcanic rocks “Obsidian found in this riverbed acts as a filter for the water and have become a crucial key for the development of Sosei Water.

We hope to find new ways to address several global environmental issues in a sustainable manner with the extensive potential in this water.

The inventor of Sosei water ,Toshiharu Fukai was born and raised in Ueda city (former Marukomachi), located in the Nagano prefecture, almost in the center of the Japanese archipelago. Before his eyes ran the Chikuma River, in the upper part of Shinano River. The Shinano is known as the longest river in Japan, which has a total length of 214km, and an area of 7163km².My father raised his livestock on the waters of the Chikuma River, and watered the plants for his livestock. The lives of these animals in turn became our precious food. The Chikuma River’s water was an indispensable part of our lives; you might call it the “root” from which our cycle of life was nurtured.

Atomic hydrogen rich water
Atomic hydrogen rich water
Atomic hydrogen rich water

With 1700mm of annual rainfall, Japan almost doubles the global average of 880mm annual precipitation. In this way, one might call Japan a region blessed with water. Furthermore, two thirds of the Japanese land mass is mountainous, giving Japan a high capacity to retain water and naturally preserve its environment, making Japan on the whole “a country rich with water”.

In his opinion, water is the source of “Shinra-Bansho” (Buddhist idiom meaning “all things in nature, the whole creation”). The history of mankind starts with water, and the blessing of water supports healthy, cultural and wealthy prosperity.

The Nagano prefecture, where he was raised, has many remnants of the prehistoric “Jomon culture”, a way of living in coexistence with nature. People lived in this way since the Paleolithic era, over 10.000 years ago. This area has an abundance of Obsidian, a volcanic rock that acts as a filter for water. Obsidian rocks have become a crucial key for the development of Sosei water.

Atomic hydrogen rich water
Atomic hydrogen rich water
Atomic hydrogen rich water

According to data from 2010, the Japanese people use 289 liters of water per person per day (Table1). We use great amounts of water, not only for cooking, but also for daily baths and washing. We can consume water without restraint thanks to how blessed we are with water. In contrast, the African continent suffers from continuous droughts and lacks access to safe drinking water. In sub-Saharan Africa, 43% of children drink unsanitary water, and 1 in 5 children die before they reach the age of 15. How are we supposed to take in this uneven distribution of water?
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Research (2010)

atomic hydrogen rich water

Lifestyle Without Detergents

Even though Japan is a country rich in water, the country has been losing its balance of coexistence with nature over the years through pollution and domestic waste. As a boy who grew up playing in the beautiful waters of the Chikuma River, He felt this grave problem was something he needed to face. He wants to bring back the now polluted Chikuma River to the clean river it once was, where children could play...
To do this, He thought we must first conduct what he calls a “lifestyle without detergents”.

His father often taught his son about his perspective on life and nature “Nature and humans are one. If we pollute the river, our blood will be polluted, and we will become ill. Therefore you must not pollute the river.” In his 30’s he ran a successful hotel and various restaurant businesses, and as he witnessed how the sewage from my own facility polluted the Chikuma River, He was filled with remorse.

“Can the root of much of the problems and pollution throughout the world be in water?” As he was reaching 40, he threw away the life he had, and aimed for a “lifestyle without detergent”, and started working with the development of water. “I am not a scientist, can I do this?” While asking himself this, he began his efforts to produce environmentally friendly “natural water”.

With the power of “natural water” and “primordial water”, he wish to change how the society views and uses water. From these thoughts, Sosei water was born. With the Sosei water we aimed to create water that would have cleaning abilities without the use of detergents. We came to understand that this water had the ability to blend with oil. As a result of this discovery, we began a project to tackle a different energy problem, to use water as fuel.

“Water for Sustainable growth” is the theme for 2016 World Water Week. It is a phrase that not only mirrors his past efforts but also his vision for the future. Currently having nearly 2000 Sosei water generators operating globally, In Restaurants, factories, educational establishments, medical institutions and households many people are supporting his proposal of a “lifestyle without detergents” by purchasing our generator. Although he is not a scientist, he watched the Chikuma River and kept on with he experiments for 28 years to create Sosei water. We hope this natural water will be used in the global society and address environmental issues in a sustainable manner; there are many things that this magnificent water has to teach us.

Atomic hydrogen rich water
Atomic hydrogen rich water
Atomic hydrogen rich water

since 1988

While gazing at the streams of Chikuma River and listening to what the water tells us, In 1988. We began a research on how people could live their lives without polluting the water. Six years later, in 1994, the first Sosei Water generator was born. The Sosei Water generators started to become popularized in homes with its water that could clean efficiently without detergents. With its abilities to blend with oil, it has spread to fields such as hospitals, hair salons, and food and beverage establishments.

The coverage of Sosei Water caught the attention of Professor Shirahata, the leading figure of Japan’s water research. Experiments showed that Sosei Water contains over 10 times as much hydrogen atom-like substance as what is called the miracle water of Nordenau in Germany. More than 30 years of experiments on this water have proven its capabilities to generate heat. It allows “water to be used as fuel”, resulted in the development of burning water “Sosei Fuel Water (SFW)”. Now our research is focusing on practical applications of this water with hopes to find alternative energy sources for a new era of energy and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Atomic hydrogen rich water

Characteristics of Sosei Fuel Water

  1. The world’s first water with an inherent ability to emulsify.
  2. Ability to yield antioxidative activity.
  3. High oxygen content.
  4. Safety proven by over 30 years of use as domestic drinking water.
  5. Able to form a solution with gasoline.

SOSEI Fuel Water for Sustainable Growth

His wish is to protect and preserve our Earth. “Water is the source of all life”. Humans, nature, and the entire Earth cannot exist without it. He has devoted himself to this research with the belief that if we can purify the water; we can create a world where humanity and nature can coexist eternally.

Also, instead of getting caught in the effort of just “obtaining water” by increasing or cleansing water, he has engaged himself with creating a new source of energy in water. In our production of food, indispensable for our existence, we use water as well as vast amounts of fossil fuels. Beginning as an effort “not to pollute the rivers and nature”, Sosei Fuel Water is now making great strides toward becoming a new source of energy for a sustainable society.

He wishes to express his gratitude toward the organizers and everyone involved for giving us this opportunity to present our research and technology at such a global event as this, which started in my small hometown in Nagano, Japan.

There is still much to discover about this technology, the scientific research is still undergoing, and he wishes to hear all the advice and experts’ opinions you have. Together we can do our parts to reduce CO² emission and create a low carbon society on a global level.

In conclusion, we believe in the potentials of Sosei Fuel Water to break through the common notions of science. Like the drop of the hummingbird in “The Hummingbird and the Forest Fire”, we will continue our efforts to advance this technology for the sake of our planet.

We are doing the best we can, for the Earth.

The interview at World Water Week 2016. 『All solutions are in water. Water is the basis of World Water Week is the leading annual global event for concretely addressing the planet's water issues and related concerns of international development.

Dr.Fukai,inventor of sosei water generator talks his philosophy about water