Atomic Hydrogen Rich Water

Sosei World

Sosei(創生) means 『Revitalization』in Japanese.
Revitalize water 、Revitalize the world 

Atomic Hydrogen Rich Water

Save the sea from severe heavy oil spill

In 1997,the Russian oil tanker,the Nakhodka,was shipwrecked,polluting the coast along the Japan Sea with heavy black oil.
By the efforts of voluteers groups and the miraculous function of Sosei Water mixing with heavy oil
The sea went back to normal state eventually.

Atomic Hydrogen Rich Water

Sosei Water bring 

a smile for all

At laundry,beauty saloon,kinder garden,hospital,hotel,farm,school,and private house.
Atomic hydrogen rich water can be used anywhere. 
Today,current attention is focused on cleaning polluted water.But our proposal is to live cleanly free from any harmful chemical such as detergent,shampoo and pesticides.


The great potential of water

There is a Chinese saying that water is also a medicine.We all know that 65% of our body consists of water.That means if the water is polluted,our health would be attracted greatly.Harmful chemicals discharged from homes and factories have polluted rivers and affecting tap water.These chemical never decompose naturally,and are found in the food material that we cook and eat every day.
Atopic disease have become increasingly common because of these chemical substances.We have an obligation to pass on an environment with clean rivers and water to the children of the 21th century.

The four features of Sosei Water

Cleansing Water

Molecules of Sosei Water are very small,and mix with oil.For this reason,Sosei Water has at least the same cleansing power as detergents. It is proof that its clusters are also small.

Active Hydrogen Water

Professor Shirahata of Kyushu University has demonstrated that Sosei Water contains 10 times more active hydrogen than the water of Nordeau,Germany,which is famous for being able to cure all manner of disease.

Water Initiating Chemical Reduction

The ability of water to initiate chemical reduction enables all living organisms to become energized through anabiosis and activations.
Drinking Sosei Water revives the water inside body while making the blood clearer,it helps to cure disease without burdening internal organs.

Oscillating Water

Sosei Water has a high level of oscillation and increases the energy level of the entire body.

Atomic Hydrogen Rich Water